Monday, May 31, 2010

May Training Totals

May saw a BIG INCREASE in my running volume. I had only run 80 miles for the YEAR prior to the beginning of May, then 140 for May! Fortunately, my injury from earlier this year has not been an issue recently. Here is how the training looked overall:

Swim-- 28h 41m 91,650.6 yards (Several swims were in a meter pool, the conversion to yards is why that it is listed to the fraction of a yard...)
Bike-- 38h 23m 757.9 miles
Run-- 21h 11m 140.6 miles// Massive increase in training volume!
Crosstraining-- 1h 55m
Total: 90h 11m (2.9 hours of training per day// 20.4 hours training per week)

6 days of 5 or more hours of training.
2 days with 0 hours of training.

Overall, I am very pleased. The month was very steady volume in all 3 months and my weakest event, the run, improved tremendously.

Finally, over the last week, I have been looking back to some old training logs. I am looking back to my buildup prior to Ironman Arizona in Spring of 08 and my Florida 09 are the two main periods I am looking back to, since they are my two best Ironman races. Some of the past entries are a little intimidating, but looking at my past trends is a good way to make sure that my training is "on track".