Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Training

Overall, June was a disappointing month. It was tough to get in a rhythm in all of the heat. Combined with the fact that I do not have running base yet, it was tough to recover from workouts and I never got into a rhythm...

Here are the training totals:

Swim-- 21h 26m 69,748.1 yards (Several swims were in a meter pool, the conversion to yards is why that it is listed to the fraction of a yard...)
Bike-- 26h 27m 494.6 miles
Run-- 12h 07m 77.9 miles
Total: 60h 00m (2 hours of training per day// 14 hours training per week)

4 days of 5 or more hours of training.
8 days with 0 hours of training.

I have been a little disappointed that my training has been down. It has me wondering what will be in store for me at my big race. I am scared that I will end up with a sufferfest.

However, I am hopeful that I can be in the kind of running shape that I finished Ironman Florida with. My run training was abyssmal all year until the last 5 weeks or so before Ironman Florida. At this point, I have 8.5 weeks. From my logs, I know the key running benchmarks that I need to hit in the last month. For July, I need to set the stage and build up some running durability, so that I will be phyically able to hit those key runs.

I have a picture of my Garmin showing my Ironman Florida race data, I have placed it as the background of both my phone and laptop to provide motivation. In fact here is the picture that I am using for inspiration: