Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Review

Overall, 2009 was a mix of highs and lows?!?!

New Orleans 70.3
Swim-- 35:00
Bike-- 2:29:09
Run-- 1:59:22
Total-- 5:09:27
Disappointed with the race. My bike split was not that bad but my swim and run were really disappointing...

Gulf Coast Half Ironman
Swim-- 32:57
Bike-- 2:24:48
Run-- 2:08:59
Total-- 5:10:55
My WORST half ironman run split ever!

Florida 70.3
Swim-- 34:51
Bike-- 2:28:36
Run-- 2:01:32
Total-- 5:09:35
At this point, I am showing that I am consistent. Consistently disappointing... After spending the last couple of years in the 4:47 to 4:56 range, it is disappointing to have spent the spring racing in the 5:10 range.

Ironman Louisville
Swim-- 1:08:10
Bike-- 5:25:14
Total-- 12:24:48
I had a really good July/August of training and was eager to improve on my mediocre form of the spring. I was disappointed with my swim, felt good on the bike and then suffered through terrible calf cramping on the run. The cramps probably came from pushing the bike too hard in the hills...

Ironman Florida
Swim-- 1:04:18
Bike-- 5:01:59
Run-- 3:41:20
Total-- 9:56:05
I was able to get some great run training in September and October. I participated in a 200 mile running relay with my running group. This helped me get in good enough form to execute my first complete Ironman race ever!

Ironman Arizona
Swim-- 1:07:50
Bike-- 5:12:39
Run-- 4:15:24
Total-- 10:43:35
I had fun with this race. Doing this only 15 days after Ironman Florida was a unique challenge. I had a rough time early on the run, and was able to dig deep and actually get into a decent rhythm for a good section. Time aside, this was a very productive day on working on mental toughness.

For the season for each of the sports:
  • I was very disappointed in ALL of my swim splits in my races this season. I swam consistently and maintained good training volume, but in 2010 I should probably focus on the content of my main set and makes sure that I am getting a good quality stimulus. I would like to get back to swimming how I swam in 2007 or maybe even faster.
  • All of my bike splits were respectable to pretty good. I've got to be better prepared for the hills of Louisville if I want to have legs left for the run this August!
  • I learned some good lessons this year about my run training and I hope to build on them for next season. I finally know what a half way decent run at the end of an Ironman feels like, if I'm smart I can do it again-- maybe even go a little bit faster...

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