Friday, April 30, 2010

April Training Totals

April was a tough month to keep a good training rhythm. Training totals are down from what they were. I can name lots of excuses for the decrease. Despite the fact that the totals are lower than I would have liked and lower than my last couple of months, they are still respectable numbers for being 4 months out from an Ironman (15.4 hours per week average). Here are the totals:

Swim-- 23h 33m 78,903.6 yards (Several swims were in a meter pool, the conversion to yards is why that it is listed to the fraction of a yard...)// My best sport of the month.
Bike-- 35h 28m 691.5 miles
Run-- 3h 58m 29.6 miles// Volume similar to last month, was probably a little too cautious due to soreness in the same area of my injury. I hope to improve upon this next month.
Deep water running/Resistance training/Walking-- 3h 01m
Total: 66h 00m (2.2 hours of training per day)

5 days of 5 or more hours of training.
6 days with 0 hours of training.

The distribution of the volume was not very symmetrical. 4 of the missed days of training took place in a 9 day period, this period also was high in stress and low in sleep. Bad combination all the way around. It had me feeling flat and out of shape. Fortunately, I was able to regain a rhythm towards the end of the month.

I am hoping that the unplanned reduction in training volume will actually work out in my favor in the big picture. Maybe the decreased volume will allow me to better absorb the incredibly high February/March training totals?!?! If that is the case, I hope that it will allow me to be fresher and fitter for this summers training and allow me to hit a higher peak fitness level in the racing season. I am choosing to be optimistic :-)

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