Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Training Totals

February saw a monstrous jump in training volume. Here are the details:

Swim-- 33h 44m 106,832 yards
Bike-- 77h 26m 1,369.7 miles// this includes some time on the trainer which throws off the time to distance ratio
Run-- No running in February due to injury and rehab...
Crosstraining-- 2h 40m// mix of deep water running and resistance training
Total: 113h 50m (4.1 hours of training per day, 28.7 hours per week)

12 days of 5 or more hours of training.
1 day with 0 hours of training.

Swimming masters several times per week has been great for my stroke mechanics. Over the last couple of years, I have done lots of swimming without any sort of feedback on what it looked like. As a result, my form suffered and became apparent by a regression in my swim splits in races. Coach Ann Marie has given me some good feedback and I am feeling MUCH smoother now!

I am happy that I was able to endure some of the coldest days of the year and get some decent bike miles in. At this point, getting on my bike and riding 100 miles (or more) is "no big deal". I think that this base of volume will be good as the weather warms up and the pace increases...

I am going to attempt to ease back into some run training again in March. I think that the physical therapy sessions have been helping out a lot. I do not notice any twinges of pain in swimming/biking or other daily activities. Prior to beginning physical therapy, I could feel small twinges from time to time with little things like getting in or out of a vehicle. At this point, I am "cautiously optimistic" that things will go smoothly as I begin to run again. I must show some restraint early on, since now the motor is probably in better shape than the chassis.

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