Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ironman Louisville race report

The conditions were tough, much tougher than last year. My placing was higher than that time would have gotten last year. It was hot, but not nearly as hot as Mobile has been!

For the swim I wanted to go about 60-65 minutes, and I went 1:01:something. So I can't complain about that.

I took the bike cautiously, because my training indicated that I have had difficulty running off of tough rides. Plus, my top end on the bike is not what it was last fall. I kept a 20 mph average for most of the ride and figured that the "fast" final 20 miles to give me around a 5:30. However, the final 20 miles were slow today due to a strong headwind. Finished 5:39 something. At one point during the ride, someone asked me how I felt. I responded, "not good, but not bad". As a sign that I wasn't going too hard, on the bike I was able to take in and keep down 2,600 calories and 50 salt pills.

Honestly, I've been scared of this marathon ALL YEAR! Mainly due to the setback of my running injury. For the year, I have probably had more bad runs than good runs. I figured that I would do between 4 and 4:30. For the 1st 10 miles of the run, I felt the same as the bike "not good, but not bad". After that, my legs started feeling more and more fatigued. I barely held on for the slow end of my expected range with a 4:28. Other than aid stations, I didn't walk. I just tried to be as tough as I could and at least shuffle along.

Total time was an 11:17. All things considered, I am satisfied with my effort. Considering how my running has gone this year, I probably went as fast as I deserved to go?!?!

There was a LOT OF CARNAGE out there today!

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