Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 review, 9,000 miles of fun.

In 2010 I was able to get in a serious amount of aerobic training, which will hopefully set the stage for a fast 2011! The General flow of the year was as follows:

  • January through May-- LARGE amounts of swimming and cycling with very little running. I had to recover from an injury and rehab to be ready for training.
  • June through August-- Balanced Ironman training for Ironman Louisville. My race in Louisville went fairly well considering the difficult conditions of the day. In retrospect, I believe that it would have been better with more intensity in my bike training and a deeper running base. I am hoping that being healthy in 2011, will allow me to build a MUCH BIGGER base on the run!
  • September through November-- A transitional period. This was my lowest training volume of the season. I recharged my battery and brainstormed to set my goals for the next few years of my training and racing. More on that later...
  • December-- The work that I did in December is really the beginnings of my 2011 training plan. It saw me increasing my run frequency and ramping up my run mileage. At this point, I am feeling very durable!
Here are my 2010 training totals:

Swim-- 231 hours 3 minutes 752,544 yds
Bike-- 400 hours 26 minutes 7,516.4 mi
Run-- 166 hours 49 minutes 1,101.2 mi
Crosstraining-- 38 hours 40 minutes
Totals-- 836 hours 58 minutes 9,045.2 miles

As I move forward, I have 2 main objectives:
  1. Become a faster and more durable runner. I am still going to swim and bike, but my training will definitely have a run bias. Improving on the run is the area where I have the greatest potential for improvement.
  2. Take a short break from Long Course races. In 2011, I plan to focus on Sprint and Olympic distance races. In 2012, I will do some Half Ironman racing. And when I return to racing Ironman distance races in 2013, I plan to be doing it with much better top end speed.
That is the general plan. I *might* resume Long Course racing sooner, depending on how my short course racing goes. If it goes exceedingly well, I have a very specific indicator in place that I will use to tell me that I am ready to pursue my long course goals sooner rather than later.

This is going to be a fun year!

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